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Mithyā (मिथ्या) refers to “false (knowledge)” or “wrong views.”

The world appears to be real but, when Self-ignorance is removed, we realize that it is the substratum – brahman – that is the only reality. Thus, the world (which we still see, and which is therefore not unreal) is known not to be real. Accordingly, we require the word mithya to talk about it. It is not a synonym for vyavahara. Everything in vyavahara is mithya, but dreams are mithya too and they are pratibhasika.

More on: https://www.advaita-vision.org/origin-and-meaning-of-the-word-mithya/

Piśācas supposedly possess the paranormal ability to shapeshift and assume any forms at will, and may also become invisible. They also feed on human energy. Sometimes, they possess human beings and alter their thoughts

From: Pishacha – Wikipedia

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