No more fitting in.


We are thrilled to have you here. Kebab Mein Haddi is a small single person led business. Kebab Mein Haddi translates to something out of place, something extraordinary, just like you! Making an impact with only the trendiest, coolest, most unique designs all at your doorstep. We stand with you, so you can stand out!

We could have made a lot of trashy designs and had you scrolling for ages to find  one good tee that picks up your vibe but we made a few really cool ones all of which you will love. And if you want us to design something specially for you , email us now!


All products are made of 100% organic materials and come in organic packaging .

Free Shipping

On all pre-paid orders. Plus, Flat Rate COD.


All our products are made from quality fabrics that are comfortable and last long. Our prints are from high quality ink and do not wear off.

10% of all profits on the PRIDE COLLECTION go to the Humsafar Trust